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Recurring Commissions

When your client subscribes to our service, you will receive a commission every month for as long as they remain active.

Indispensable Service

If your clients or friends engage in automated trading, a VPS is an essential service that they will inevitably need to use at some point.

You are losing money

Your clients are choosing VPS services at random. Recommend us instead, and they will receive top-notch service while you get rewarded.

Real-time Income and Conversions tracking

Your dedicated area will provide you with a link to share with your customers and friends, as well as banners that you can place on your website. Additionally, it will track your clicks, conversions, and income earned in real time.
Forex VPS Affiliate Program - Boost Your Earnings! - Real-time Income and Conversions tracking

How much can I earn?

No cap on commission earnings!

It will all be proportional to the number of clients you manage to bring in. Our recurring commission is up to 15% on every transaction. Considering that our average transaction is $50, if you bring in 1000 clients over time, you could earn as much as $7,500 per month.

Forex VPS Affiliate Program - Boost Your Earnings! - How much can I earn?

Who are our Partners?

YouTubers and Influencers

You can talk about us in your content and also include our link beneath your videos and posts.

Automatic Trading Trainers

You can create specific lessons on how to purchase and use a VPS and incorporate them into your auto trading course.

Robot/EA Sellers

You can mention us in your robot's installation instructions. We can also pre-install the EA on the VPS.

Brokers and Prop Firms

You can talk about us on a dedicated page; more and more traders are switching from manual trading to automated trading.

Websites and Bloggers

You can showcase our banners on your pages or discuss our services on a dedicated page of your website.


You can talk about us; you bring friends, and with the income, you manage to pay for your VPS.

Coupon-Based Tracking

Imagine making a video about Dipgate's VPS. What's to stop viewers from searching for us online rather than using your affiliate link? Nothing, right? But we've got a simple fix: we'll give you a discount coupon that not only saves your viewers money but also tracks and credits you for anyone who uses it. With the incentive of a discount, every customer from your video will be accounted for!
You can request your coupon right after registering in the affiliate area.

Forex VPS Affiliate Program - Boost Your Earnings! - Coupon-Based Tracking