Read our guide or watch the quick video to understand how to log into your VPS from Windows OS

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If you have received the email with your Login data, you can follow these instructions

Windows has a built-in remote desktop connection app that allows you to connect to your VPS remotely.

The process is simple: just log in on your Windows PC and start the Remote Desktop Connection app.

Next, go to your email, and take the VPS IP address received

Put your VPS IP address in the "Computer" field and click Connect

The first time, will be asked for your Username and Password, you can find these data in the email we sent you

Then, you can control your VPS as if you were sitting at the keyboard.

We mainly offer Windows VPS as they work just like your home computer!

Once you are disconnected, the VPS will still remain ON and it will keep all your programs running.

Thank you

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